You may have read our previous post about the trail to Troll Falls. It highlights the trail in the summer hiking season, which is a fun trip, but it doesn’t come close to hiking that same trail in the winter.

Ice Climbers Troll Falls Trails and Paddles

The trail is generally packed snow, so snowshoes are not needed, but ice cleats are recommended for safety and comfort. Follow the trail to the first falls which are a gorgeous mass of ice. This is a popular spot for ice climbers. It’s truly an amazing winter scene with the snow, ice and surrounding rock.

Troll Falls Winter Hike Trails and Paddles

If you backtrack a bit and cross the creek you can find a trail that leads above those first falls leading to three more. The third set was my favourite, as it was the most visually striking and you could wander behind them in a cave.

Troll Falls Ice Cave Trails and Paddles

You can basically go as far as you want, so this trip can work for all ages and fitness levels. People with kids generally stopped at the first set of falls while groups of adults went further. It can get a bit steep so be mindful if you are bringing smaller dogs who may have troubles with the icy terrain.

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