Tree Hug, Cathedral Grove, Trails and Paddles

If you’ve never felt a compulsion to hug a tree, Cathedral Grove will inspire you to do so. This ancient forest is a mix of huge Douglas Fir and Red Cedar Trees along Highway 4 in MacMillan Provincial Park, about two hours north of Victoria.

Giant Tree, Cathedral Grove, Trails and Paddles

As you pull up, there is parking and pathways on both sides of the highway. It’s a busy place so be careful of pedestrians and as you cross to explore. The brief tour in the forest winds through beautiful giants, the largest being a Douglas Fir that’s 800 years old and 75m (250 ft) tall by 9m (29 ft) wide. Truly an awe-inspiring sight! Seriously, it will blow your damn mind.

Roots, Cathedral Grove, Trails and Paddles

A fire blazed through the area approximately 350 years ago leaving only a portion of the oldest trees. Europeans also colonized the island from 1849, using a lot of the large trees on the island for lumber. So, this area is extremely precious and should be protected. Its a great trip for all ages and fitness levels so bring the family to enjoy this gem.

Cedars, Cathedral Grove, Trails and Paddles

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