Rock Wall on the Galena Trail, Trails and Paddles

Location: Sandon to New Denver, B.C. – Junction of Sandon Road and Highway 31A

Length: 13 km

Time: 4.5 – 5 hours

Elevation Loss: 376m (1234 ft)

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate 

The Galena Trail is the perfect hike for soaking in lovely surroundings and history of the surrounding area. The location is full of lush forest, rock walls and a couple of really cool stops to check out, mostly on a reclaimed rail bed making for a wide, comfortable path. It is connected with the K&S Railway Trail as well if you are looking for a longer, more challenging hike.

Galena Trail, Trails and Paddles

It starts the trek off at a gradual slope down across the creek that follows a good portion of the trail. The area is full of a variety of trees from cedars and firs to pine and aspens. There was also a lot of interesting fungi and other plants as well as insects and the occasional toad. Wildlife frequent the area such as deer, elk, bears and moose.

Funghi, Galena Trail, Trails and Paddles

The trail comes up to the Alamo Siding, what used to be home to 200 people, now a pile of history. The buildings were demolished in a flood, but you can still explore the remnants of the settlement. There is a plaque on site with a more detailed story. This is also a good spot to stop for a pee break because there is an outhouse!

Alamo Siding, Galena Trail, Trails and Paddles

The trail continues along until you get to an interesting river crossing. You hop in a cable car and pull yourself over the Carpenter Creek. A tough go if you’re lacking upper body strength but fairly easy for the most part. And its just a fun experience! There is enough room to pile in a bike, just take your time and be careful.

Cable Car, Galena Trail, Trails and Paddles

The trail continues on for about an hour and a half until you reach a junction at a wood bridge and descending steps. Keep to the right and cross the bridge to get to the New Denver trailhead at Siding Road. We chose to head back the way we came to where our truck was parked instead. Overall it was a fun and gorgeous hike with lots to see!

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