Whitewater Creek, British Columbia, Trails and Paddles

Location: Selkirs, Goat Range between New Denver and Kaslo, British Columbia

Length: 16 km

Time: About 6 hrs

Elevation Gain: 988m

Difficulty: Moderate

What a treat this hike was. You will need a high clearance vehicle for the 4.5 kilometre drive to the trail head on a mostly one lane road. It is highly recommend this if you have the right vehicle! The hike is located just past Bear Lake on the way from New Denver.

Whitewater Creek Map, British Columbia, Trails and Paddles

The trail starts and travels through forest on a relatively easy path. There is a tent camp to pack to, a tarn, a bench high point, and Whitewater Pass. If you want to get back into a basin this is a great trip.  Fairly soon it opens up so you get to see some great views of peaks and eventually Glaciers.

Whitewater Creek, British Columbia, Trails and Paddles

This trail is a new version of the original trail which was on the north side of the creek. It was moved as the valley below is a prime Grizzly feeding area, hence the numerous warnings on the trail head posting. As you reach the open view to the valley below it is easy to see why bears are here. This day we did not see any as we started late and our time was limited.

Whitewater Creek, British Columbia, Trails and Paddles

I cannot wait to get back with an early start as the terrain and the views are so amazing. This is a relatively close drive to a trailhead as others we researched are up to 80 km in. Those will be our next adventure!


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